• Меч Cold Steel - Talwar Sword - 88EITB

Меч Cold Steel - Talwar Sword - 88EITB

  • Производитель: Cold Steel
  • Код товара: 88EITB
  • Доступность: На складе
  • 35 950 руб.

Меч Cold Steel - Talwar Sword - 88EITB

Here at Cold Steel, we have been fascinated with the Talwar for decades, and we have made it our mission to bring the highest quality production version of this historically significant sword to the market. The Cold Steel Talwar is the culmination of years of experimentation and extensive research. With its hand-forged and beautifully balanced blade, the Talwar features a solid brass hilt that will accommodate even a large gloved hand. Supplied with an excellent wooden scabbard covered in black leather and fitted at either end with highly decorative brass furniture; our Talwar is a sword to be reckoned with! We are grateful to Shastar Vidya Martial Artist, Nidar Singh Nihang for his valuable insights into the traditional combat application of the Talwar.

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