Wakizashi Super Yagu+

Wakizashi Super Yagu+
Модель: Wakizashi Super Yagu+
Наличие: Нет на складе
Цена: 121320 руб.
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~Strong but sophisticated Wakizashi with a wide, grooved blade and engraved bronze Koshirae.

DNH7 steel blade, grooved, hand forged on a charcoal bed with 3 hammers. True selective clay temper; Yamato construction; Shinto style; "miror polished".

Nagasa : 22.1/6"

Sori : Tori .1/14"

Moto Haba : 1.1/5"

Saki Haba : 1"

Hamon : Gunome irregular

Mune : Steep Ihari

Point : Chu Kissaki, Boshi Ko-maru

Habaki : Tempered copper, reinforced, grooved.

Seppas : Filed brass foils.

Tsuba : N°4, Sukashi cut out,aged iron. Tsuka : Jackwood, length 7.1/3". Entirely wrapped in top grain Same. First choice black Japanese silk Tsukaito braided in Ineri Maki style. Lost wax cast lezard Menuki. Conical bamboo Mekugi. Fushi-Kashira are made of solid bronze engraved en suite with flowers and leaves on a Nanako background. Ito Domes are made of two filed brass foils.

Saya : Jackwood coated with smooth, glossy lacqua. Koigushi, Kojiri, Kurigata are water buffalo horn. Shito Domes are made of two filed brass foils.

Weight : 30.1/2 oz.

Entirely hand made by CITADEL, fully disassemblable.

Blade carries life warranty provided a normal use in Dojo.

Delivered with its top quality Japanese silk Sageo, in its silk Bukuro and cordura zipper transport pouch with cleaning kit (not provided) pocket and adjustable strap.

Every CITADEL Katana or Wakizashi is one piece of a kind.~

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