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Меч Citadel Katana Luxe Black

Меч Citadel Katana Luxe Black
Модель: Citadel Katana luxe Black
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Меч Citadel Katana Luxe Black

A Katana with a strong appearance thanks to the wide Mi haba of its DNH7 hand forged steel blade.

The structure of this beautiful blade is Yamato with a typical Shinto Sugata with nice proportions. True visible selective clay temper line, of course.

Nagasa : 29.1/6"

Tori Sori : .1/2"

Moto Haba : 1.1/5"

Saki Haba : 1.1/16"

Weight : 40.2/3 oz

Hamon : Gunome Point / Chu Kissaki, Ko maru Sagari Boshi

Mune : Mild Ihari

Habaki : reinforced, grooved, tempered copper forged on its own blade

Seppas : Files brass

Tsuba : De Luxe aged iron Maru Gata. Scene of house and foliage worked in positive Sukashi but also sculpted and engraved.

Tsuka : Length 11.1/7", Jackwood entirely wrapped in top quality white Same with big scale easily visible on Omote side. Tsukaito is first choice black Japanese silk braid in Katate Maki. Menuki are dragon 1 of lost wax cast brass. Bamboo Mekugi partially visible as requested by tradition. Fushi (slightly tappered) and kashira are water buffalo horn. Ito Domes are made in a double foil of filed brass.

Saya : Jackwood lacquered in glossy, smooth black color. Koigushi, Kurigata and Kojiri are water buffalo horn. Shito Domes are made in a double foil of filed brass.

Entirely hand made by CITADEL and fully disassemblable.

Blade carries life garantee provided a normal use in a Dojo.


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