• Меч Cold Steel - Chieftan's Sax

Меч Cold Steel - Chieftan's Sax

  • Производитель: Cold Steel
  • Код товара: 88HUK
  • Доступность: На складе
  • 37 840 руб.

Меч Cold Steel - Chieftan's Sax

Every Viking Chieftain was familiar if not an expert with sword, shield, spear and axe. But these are long and heavy and often bulky weapons that were not always within reach so for 24-hour protection they almost universally carried a large Sax. Suspended from the belt in front or back (where it didn’t interfere with other weapons like their sword or hand axe) it was instantly available if suddenly attacked and was often used in tandem with other weapons. While most Sax blades resemble the profile of our Woodsman’s Sax with a straight edge and sloping point there were popular variations like the broke back Chieftan’s Sax we are introducing here.

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