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Нож Helle Jegermester
Нож Helle Jegermester Модель (артикул): 42 Длина ножа: 24,5 см Длина клинка: 13,5 см ..
9732 руб.
Нож Helle Arv
13392 руб.
Нож Helle Blåfjell
ОписаниеThe Blåfjell (Blue Mountain) is a revision of an early Helle design. It has a polished lamin..
15678 руб.
Нож Helle Didi Galgalu
ОписаниеThe new Helle Didi Galgalu knife is designed in collaboration with the Voetspore team of Sou..
17419 руб.
Нож Helle Eggen
9799 руб.
Нож Helle Fjellkniven
10233 руб.
Нож Helle Folkekniven
ОписаниеThe Folkekniven is a smaller utility knife for every day use.It has a blade made of non-lami..
7839 руб.
Нож Helle Fossekallen
10233 руб.
Нож Helle Gaupe
ОписаниеGaupe is the Norwegian word for Lynx. This all purpose outdoor knife sits comfortable in the..
11540 руб.
Нож Helle Harmoni
ОписаниеThe Harmoni is a part of a series of Helle knives done in a contemporary style.The blade is ..
10561 руб.
Нож Helle Kvernstein
ОписаниеDiscontinued knife model, only one knife available. Small tear on the sheath...
12956 руб.
Нож Helle Lappland
13936 руб.
Нож Helle Nying
ОписаниеThe Nying is a Helle classic, short and stubby. The handle is generously proportioned to giv..
8600 руб.
Нож Helle Saga Siglar
10561 руб.
Нож Helle Symfoni
ОписаниеРукоять из карельской березы, кожи и рога..
10343 руб.
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